Kathy mckenna realty

With over 35 years of experience mastering the home buying/home selling process, we reveal the simplicity and pleasure of the experience to you when working with us

since we began in 1979, time and again, we have proven that our professional experience creates the best result for our clients in pittsburgh, pennsylvania every single time.

Kathy McKenna Realty is the demonstration of a belief.

This belief is that home buyers & sellers should not have to face the elaborate and confusing process that presents itself when approaching buying or selling. 

We have worked with people just like you. Unique people, people who are just getting their feet wet in real estate, or those with more experience. 

Regardless of your experience, we want to make the buying/selling process as easy, smooth, and enjoyable as possible.  

Our team keeps one principle in mind when working with any person on any level of experience in our service. 
That one principle is acting in your best interest.

Allow us to make the market work in your favor through a number of services:

  1. First-time home buying
  2. Seeking to buy larger home
  3. Searching for retirement home
  4. Looking for investment property
  5. Selling investment property